Friday, July 30, 2010


So, some more artwork I suppose!
Tried a few small things, but nothing entirely novel. Mostly, I just mucked around with coloring the linework.
Here's a section at 100% for kicks:

Aaand here, have a sketch or two!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I like em a little older.

Have some more Julian, because I don't think your sick enough of this guy yet:

T'was a quickie done in a couple of hours for fun. I'm not normally thrilled with 'realistic' images when I see them, especially portraiture--but they are fun and easy to paint.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've been sketching. A lot.
Despite having sprained my right thumb rather severely. I grit my teeth and take the pain, YES.
Here's a few sketches now!

 With those last couple of sketches marks the start of a rather long, perilous journey towards finding a comfortable style that's more removed from realism than when I had until now. A 'semi-realistic' style is nice, but it's not what I want. Also, like the 'anime/manga' genre of art, it's becoming harder and harder to distinguish yourself as an independent artist when you focus on a 'style' so heavily based off real life.
 Being able to draw true to life is an absolutely important skill to have before any successful stylization can occur, certainly.

 However, as an illustrator trying to tell a story with my characters and artwork, I find a style that clings so heavily to realistic form is restrictive. It's more difficult to get away with exaggerations that would otherwise succeed in better telling the story, and perhaps that's what bothers me most. I crave something slightly more whimsical, while still echoing confidently my foundations when it comes to drawing true to life.
We'll see where it takes me. I just know I want to break away from the constraints of realism and away from that unfortunate stylistic 'uncanny valley' I was stuck in due to my indecisiveness as to whether I wanted to go more realistic in my approach, or into something more stylized.

 Now, I am absolutely certain as to what direction I want to go in. I just need to find a shoe that fits.